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Blockchain Development Services

Fully Encrypted Decentralized Finance Applications

What is a De-Fi?

Create highly secured, fully encrypted decentralized finance applications with us to boost your financial services offering.Devcentralized Finance (de-fi) or open finance improves access for everyone to all the financial functions such as borrowing, lending, trading, investment, and risk management without a need of inetrmediatory corporation

DeFi or Decentralization Finance is a term used for financial software built on the blockchain that can be aligned together. Most DeFi applications are built on the Ethereum blockchain, the world’s most popular programmable blockchain.

Instead of a central authority, the participants that comprise the network control the issuance of ether (ETH), the network’s native cryptocurrency, in a decentralized manner.

Main advantage is that there is no need for a intermediator or middle men and users can enjoy the benefits of various financial utilities such as loans, lending/borrowing, tokenization, trading and traditional peer to peer money transfer mechanisms. Since the applications are highly secured, fast and transaction fee is very low, it is quickly gaining popularity across the globe.

Our De-Fi Related Services

De-Fi Applications help in eliminating the role of intermediatories by providing financial services
on blockchain network with maximum security and transparency and efficiency.

Defi Token Development

Most of the De-fi services are built on Ethereum based blockchain and created with solidity language at its core. Since it uses blockchain technology, it is highly encrypted, and automates the rules pre-defined in the contract, thereby eliminating the need of a central authority, promoting transparency in the system.

De-Fi Dapp Development

Core feature of any De-Fi development involves eliminating intermediatories, hence Dapp development plays a critical role to as they are highly secure as compared with centralized applications

De-Fi Wallet Development

We are well versed in providing De-Fi based a wallet system which ensures maximum security for the users by providing zero knowledge data security and unique customized keys / passphrases.

De-Fi Lending/Borrowing Platform

As the name suggests, all features of lending platform, like loan, fiat deposit mechanism, margin based trading with advantages of De-Fi platform for better immutability, transparency and ownership.

Defi Vault System

Defi Vault system is just like your traditional fixed deposits, where crypto assets or fiat assets would be kept in a vault and it will generate a steady income as per the predefined interest rates and other defined conditions.

Defi Exchange Development (Similar to Uniswap)

Liquidity plays an important part in financial world. Our uniswap replica utilizes liquidity pools to gain a reward, which is then distributed amongst the users of the platform. Our algorithms use advanced level of automated market making which ensures smooth functioning of the system.

Benefits of De-fi Development

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Automated Investment plans

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Usage of Smart Contracts

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Lack of Mediator

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Highly Secured

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Enhanced Transparency

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