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In House SEO VS Outsourcing SEO

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As the internet is getting flooded with users day by day, a website is does not suffice the robust online growing market. With the increment in the number of companies offering the same or substitute products and services, it is important that your website is reachable. This invariably enhances the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From a start up to a major corporate house, all are capitalizing in digital marketing to improve their online presence.

The biggest challenge faced by any firm is how to invest in SEO. There are majorly two ways- in house hiring or outsourcing your SEO. Just like a coin has two sides, similarly there are several pros and cons:




1.     An In-house SEO thoroughly knows about all the key essentials of your business. They can ease the entire process as they know in and out about the priorities of the business.

2.     The employed SEO will completely focus at your website. Better attention = better results.

3.     An in-house team can prove cost beneficial as compared to outsourcing a company. Moreover, you can have full control over your SEO strategies, functionality and their execution.





1.     A huge amount of money  in SEO gets locked-up as SEO always needs to be on top of current trends and this requires constant investment to keep sailing the market.


2.     In-house SEO is handled by a single specialist which might prove to be a hindrance in delivering prompt results.





1.   Outsourcing can be beneficial as the company hired to market your product or service stays up-to-date with the latest trends.

2.   An SEO company will have highly trained personnel with a good experience of dealing with different kinds of clients.

3.      Outsourced SEO services reduce the additional costs like rent, overhead costs, maintenance, etc.

4.   SEO team includes all experts which in turn deliver faster results.



1.     You might have no direct contact with agency’s employees who are in charge of handling your SEO.


2.     The major setback is lack of time and communication. SEO agencies have a long list of clients. Thus, this creates prolong decisions which hampers the online business of the company.

The various options above will help you choose the best option for your brand.




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