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Increase your
Staff's Efficiency with WMS

A complete IT solution that links your grocery store, warehouse and account office.

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What is a Warehouse Management

The system streamlines the inventory and allows you to focus on growth and expansion.

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Tagging Feature

The feature enables manager to reverse map the product names with that of vendor. For instance, vendor uses a different product name and we use a different name so the system would show vendor used name in BOQ sent to him and our product name on our system, eliminating any kind of confusion.

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Intelligent Scheme Management System

Intelligent Scheme
Management System

Input various schemes applicable on brand/products and calculates effective Rate per unit of the product required.

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Automatic Vendor
Rates Comparison

System automatically generates a report comparing rates provided by different vendors and suggests the vendor with lowest effective rates and best purchases.

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Threshold and real
time tracking of stock

Ability to track all the products available at different warehouses and filter them by manufacturer, brand, vendor, category, sub category, minimum threshold levels (T1 & T2).

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Want to increase your
business productivity ?

Not Just This! Our Warehouse Management System
has more to offer

Automated reconciliation and financial statements on your fingertips.

  • Shelf Life

    Shelf Life

    Calculation of shelf life remaining, which ensures that company is not taking any near to expiry item and ensures minimum wastages.
  • Profit/Loss


    Easily track profit and loss for individual stores with or without GST Impact.
  • Reduce operational cost

    Reduce operational cost

    Reduced operational cost achieved by smart tagging and automatic rate comparison.
  • Segregate bad inventory

    Segregate bad inventory

    Easily segregate the bad inventory with proof, resulting in only good products entering our warehouses/stores.
  • Picker App

    Picker App

    Push Notifications to picker for arranging the items in the shelves.
  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Management

    Ability to manage the vendors, catalogue of items, multiple contact info, approval status and most importantly reverse SKU mapping.

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